Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey You Kids, Don't Put Your Lips On It...

In an old skit on Saturday Night Live, Steve Martin and Bill Murray stared into the camera and asked, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" So what's the connection with RS you ask? Recently I was chatting with a new friend on Twitter and she asked me what my book was about. That stopped me cold. What the hell is, was RS about? I've been digging back through the journals trying to reassemble my thinking from that time (sometimes an exercise in terror and humiliation. Jesus, the 80s was a scary time in many ways), so I have a fair handle on why I was doing the comix (the usual, an odyssey of spiritual growth and a cry for attention), but what was it about? There were themes of friendship, alienation, suicidal tendencies, angst, surrealism, attempts at humor, confusion and drinking. I didn't have a conscious agenda, rather I went wherever my damaged little muse would take me, usually somewhere dodgy with lots of broken glass and rusty nails laying around. When you finally did turn the corner and saw the thing, you damn well didn't want to put your lips on it.