Sunday, June 2, 2013

WORD - I'm in an art exhibit called WORD!

If you wait long enough, sometimes a few people take notice. WORD. That's the name of an art exhibition at the Charles H. Taylor Arts Center in Hampton, Va. that just opened and includes some of my original art from RELUCTANT SADIST. I'm thrilled to be able to publicly share this work. The subtle shading and ink wash work that I did was often muted and degraded when I photocopied it, so it's great to be able to show off the real stuff. James Jones, the curator/gallery manager at the Charles Taylor Arts Center, has been very supportive of my art.
His enthusiasm is encouraging me to do more, as I can see how my work can connect with an audience, something I sometimes forget about. I only wish I was finished with my book, so I would have had copies there to share with folks. Since I did not, I instead reprinted fifteen copies of Issue #4, which I handed out for free. They were grabbed up much quicker then I expected. I'm going to do some copies of issue #3 and drop them off soon.

The show is up until July 7th, so if you find yourself in Hampton, Va before then, pop in and check out all the marvelous art. It is a fine array of all media and styles; hard not to find a few things to love. I feel proud and humble to be included with such wonderful art.