Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RS Can Be Found on ZineWiki Now!

I found a great directory of 'zines and DIY publications called "ZineWiki". I created a page for RELUCTANT SADIST tonight. I found it a helpful experience to objectively list information about the history of my old pub, an effort that I can use for the RS book project too.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"PUNK NINJA" the Original Sketch

To follow on to the last post, I found the thumbnail sketch for that "PUNK NINJA" illo. I think this sketch reads better then the final illustration. Sometimes you got to know when to stop.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

80s Retro - "PUNK NINJA" Lives!!!

 While working on the R.S. book project tonight, I found some old comix that I had contributed art too. One of the earliest was a mini-comic from 1987, published Ryan Holland of Vision Comics called "Punk Ninja". Straight forward concept, classic eight page mini with a drawing of a Punk Ninja by a different artist on each page. You can find my bit on page five.

Nearly all of the renditions gave the Ninja a Mohawk, which was standard-issue for punk rockers back then. Of course there is also loads of leather and spikes (thank you "Road Warrior"). I got to say that I'm not too embarrassed by my P-Ninja drawing. Strong, basic composition and I even worked in some shurikens (Chinese throwing stars). I'm not sure if the Chinese writing is legit, but that is one serious Mohawk.