Sunday, September 20, 2015

"You Can't Get There From Here"

I don't read enough mini-comics these days and when I say "mini-comics", I mean old school, printed or rather, photocopied hard copies. Nothing against web comics, I can see the appeal from a production and distribution viewpoint, but my preferred method of ingesting comix is the old-fashioned way, sans electronics. The internet is a blessing and curse when it comes to connecting with the underground comics world (does that even exist anymore or has everything been flatten out onto the same level?). On the one hand, it's easier then ever to find even the most obscure stuff and often read it immediately online. On the downside, the internet is an ever present time suck that often makes me wonder, "Well and just where did that day, week, month and year go?".

So, it's been too long since I had any REAL mail, but that drought ended yesterday when I received a couple of issues of one of my favorite 'zines,  "You Can't Get There From Here" by Carrie McNinch. It's an autobiographical theme with small snapshots from Carrie's life. I identify with many of the reoccurring topics including being middle-aged, cats, travel, running, cats and depression. The format is the classic three panel layout like you'd see in the Sunday comics and each day is "tagged" with a specific song (with band name). Usually I know the song, but when I do not, I have to track it down.

If you haven't read Carrie's 'zine and want to give it a try, check-out her Etsy Store.


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