Monday, February 29, 2016

A King Cat Card Carrying Member...

I got some "real" mail today, something other than some junk mail or a bill. I got my official "King Cat Comics Fan Club" card and a thank you note for being a "Patreon" of John Porcellino the artist/writer behind the zine. "King Cat Comics" was begun back in 1989, the same time I was doing my own comic "Reluctant Sadist", but instead of folding after a few years like I did, John has persevered and King Cat is still going strong. I admire his tenacity and dedication to his zine, so was happy to contribute to a  Patreon campaign that he launched to establish consistent financial support. He's very close to his goal of $981 a month (the US Federal government's poverty level for a single person), so please take a look his page and consider throwing down a little dough.

The link to John Porcellion's Patreon Page.

If a monthly commitment is more then you can do right now, then check-out an issue of King Cat Comics. You'll be glad you did!

Order King Cat Comics.


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